• From the Principal’s desk

    We do not consider education a burden in Kawasaki International School. There is an old saying that whatever is left with you when you forget everything you learned in the school is “Education”. Every child has perfect memory. Normally people tend to remember even the complex things they are most interested in but forget even the simplest things. It is “interest” that keeps you remember the things. If you live through the moment of learning, it becomes an integrated part of you. You might have noticed that when you are too stressed or your mind is too occupied with work, you even tend to forget simple things and whatever you read during that time does not stick to your memory for a long time. We, therefore, understand the value of creating interest in education. We believe that by learning through fun, children would not lose interest in studies and learning would become one of their natural instincts.
    The early years of childhood are very critical for the rest of the life as they form the basis for the character, talent, good mental and physical health. Kawasaki International School offers lessons in Indian Mathematics, English, Basic Science, Music and General Knowledge in a fun filled environment. We also care for the health and overall growth of children and take them to outdoor lessons and outdoor excursions to learn directly from the nature and surroundings.
    We would continue to strive to instill the power and desire to live fully and contribute towards the growth of the children of Kawasaki International School.

    We are open to any suggestions from the parents to help us achieve our goal of helping the international community in Japan through good education to their children.

    Sharma  Bhawna

    Principal, Kawasaki International School

    Ms.Sharma Bhawna