• Kawasaki International School has teachers who can speak native level English and have rich teaching experience. Teachers have experience in teaching with Japanese kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools. We have teachers who also speak Japanese in addition to English and have understanding of international culture. The teaching staff at K.I.S. has the experience, technique and attitude required to bring forth the latent talent in children.  

  •             Ms.Teena Sharma

    Ms.Teena Sharma

               Mr. Paul W Tyler

    Mr. Paul W. Tyler

              Ms. TA A JEANALYN BOSE

    Ms. Jeanalyn Bose

            Ms. Carol

    Ms. Salvador Caroline Maralit

                Ms. Hitomi Nakamura

    Ms. Hitomi Nakamura

                Mr. Nakajima Hiroyuki

    Mr. Hiroyuki Nakajima

             Ms Asako Mochizuki                  Ms. Asako Mochizuki
             Ms. Miyata                   Ms. Cecile Miyata
             Mr. Rocha                  Mr. Gomez Rocha Mavricio
             Ms. Rose                  Ms. Rose Ishijima